3 Places For Dining Out In The City Of Hickory NC

Let’s dive into three top restaurants that you can find in Hickory, a nice city that is in Catawba County. In this article, I’m going to talk about a place you can visit for breakfast, a restaurant for lunch and also one for dinner. That way as you think about where to eat in Hickory, you are covered all the way around.

The breakfast restaurant is Granny’s Country Kitchen. There are Cracker Barrels in the area and other chain restaurants for breakfast, but why go to those places when you can check out a spot like Granny’s Country Kitchen. Located at 2145 North Center Street, this establishment is top notch in terms of homemade food. It is where you want to go if you want a hearty breakfast for sure. You can order up pancakes, omelets and more. One other thing mentioned in the reviews is the fact that you can enjoy lunch and dinner at this restaurant, too.

Of course I’m going to give you a separate pick for both lunch and dinner so that you are covered completely. Food Factory Craft Diner is the place for lunch, and it is located at 5251 Hickory Boulevard. How does fish and chips sound? WHat about a homemade chicken pot pie? Then there is blueberry cheesecake for dessert, which sounds absolutely delicious. The chicken pot pie is actually served in a mason jar, which is quite unique. People say that you get to enjoy nice views while dining at this establishment, too.

For dinner, let’s look at the Highland Restaurant. It is located at 883 Highland Avenue SE, and it is a place that you can order up trout, burgers, shrimp and grits and much more. It’s not only a great dinner restaurant but a great place for date night. Reviews mention that Highland Restaurant is an upscale establishment, and it is also a farm to table restaurant. There is also a nice bar there if you want some after dinner drinks.

Do these three places sound great for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Hickory is full of nice restaurants. As you can tell, there are country cooking dining establishments, so you never know if you are going to find a hidden gem when in the area. Right now, you need to find these gems, or one of them at least, so you can get your bite to eat and get back out there exploring Hickory NC.