The City Hickory, North Carolina.

Found in Catawba County of North Carolina, the city borders Burke and Caldwell counties. Lake Hickory is one of the major sources of water in the county and it also offers recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and other water related recreational activities.

Things to do in Hickory
Art and History
There is a number of recreation activities to engage in when in Hickory. For instance, for art and history lovers the Hickory Museum of art which offers a large collection of American art since the 19th century is an amazing place to visit for recreation and educational purposes. Hickory Aviation Museum, an aerospace museum located in the Hickory Regional Airport, comes highly recommended for aviation lovers. Catawba Science Center is also another historical site to visit in Hickory.

Outdoor Activities.
Bakers Mountain Park with well-maintained trails and paths is good for hiking. It also contains adequate parking space and clean washrooms. The hike to the top is not very strenuous but then again this will depend on experience. Very nice rangers are also available to give assistance when needed. Hiking at The Baker’s is a fun activity to engage in and a good cardio workout for weight watchers.

Glenn C Hilton Jr. Memorial Park with well-maintained paths and trails, monkey bars swings and slides is a wonderful place for family visits. A cool breeze from the lake offering a conducive walking environment and feeding the ducks are some of memorable experiences you don’t want to miss.

Beaches in Hickory are found along the shorelines of Lakes, Hickory, James, Rhodiss and Lookout Shoals lakes. These lakes are operated and maintained by Dukes Energy providing various public access to these lakes. Water in these lakes keep fluctuating as the energy cooperation allows the lakes to fill up or to drain water. Due to this underwater vegetation is not an issue to anglers. These lakes offer a number of recreational activities such as fishing, boating experiences, Kayaking and Canoeing courtesy of River Catawba.

For a little bit of shopping Downtown Hickory Farmers Market is the place for you. In this market you can get both organic and non- organic farm produce such as vegetables and fruits. Meat and fish are also available in this market. Fresh flowers are also available in this market. Here you can get all the farm produce you want at very affordable prices.
Are you in NC, Hickory is the place for you to visit.